World Cinema dk

Films and flags
client: World Cinema dk

World Cinema dk is a cinematic project in Copenhagen which shows non-western / non-Hollywood movies from around the globe.
The movies are selected by a group of foreign film lovers from the danish film-making society.
World Cinema dk produces short movies with emigrants as a form of integration-project as well as giving assignments to schools so that teachers can use the movies as part of the educational material.

The Identity features a design system made out of 3 horizontal slices, a grid and different color combination.
The result is a vibrant and flexible identity, given a new feel with every new movie.
Every poster creates a new flag for every movie, and the color variations are endless.
wcdk_garage.png wcdk_berlin.png wcdk_days.png wcdk_chinoise.png wcdk_finale.png wcdk_division.png wcdk_ground.png wcdk_diverse.png wcdkopslagfront.png wcdkopslag1.png wcdkopslag2.png wcdkopslag3.png wcdkopslag4.png wcdkopslag5.png wcdkopslag6.png wcdkopslag7.png wcdkopslag8.png wcdkopslag9.png wcdkopslag10.png wcdkopslag11.png wcdkopslag12.png wcdkopslagback.png