Silent Sound
D&AD Selection 2008
IF Award 2008
Print Magazine Award 2008
Creative Circle Shortlist 2008

The dual layered package+sleeve makes the sound wave come to life on this multi award winning packaging design for Widex hearing aids released worldwide fall 2007.
The sound wave spells the Widex-payoff
"High Definition Hearing".

The video (see after the pictures) + pictures of this package quickly circulated the globe on the internet and by word of mouth.

kitsunenoir.com wrote
"How awesome would it be to get hearing aids in a box like that? It’s looks like an Apple level of styling. I know I’d want to wear them more if they came in a sick package like that"

This season, E.Tautz designer Patrick Grant took us on a spectator’s tour of Europe, drawing reference from Dutch photographer Hans van der Meer, who photographed lower league football matches for over ten years. Using the diverse fields and townships of these matches as his backdrop, Grant dressed scores of models in footballer-inspired garb, calling upon men from over eight European countries to bring the story to life. Entitled “European Fields,” the christian louboutin schuhe collection took a new approach to the classic suit, employing a boxier shape and dropped shoulder. Roomy trousers were made from denim and lightweight cotton in stone and navy, coupled with slightly mismatched duster and bomber jackets. The easy tailoring looks were paired with custom christian louboutin canvas sports shoes, taking on the collection’s natural tones in navy, white and black. Rubber toe caps dressed the front of the shoes, followed by rubber strips reminiscent of jersey stripes, leading to a T-bar ankle strap with metallic eyelets.

Underwired wrote
"..a package for hearing aid company Widex, which is sure to give young design whores around the world a boner"

made at Goodmorning Technology
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