Silver Cannes Lions

USA TODAY is an iconic American brand and has
been making waves in the news business since the beginning of the eighties. Their approach to news
is as relevant today as it was when they started.
The brand was in need of a refresh and as a result of this, at Wolff Olins, we redeigned the brand, the newspaper and created an advertising campaign to
start the conversation around USA TODAY again.

The new USA TODAY identity delivers on the strategic idea ‘Pulse of the Nation’.
The identity is as dynamic as the replica designer handbags news – adapting every day, and straight to the pont. The blue circle acts as a platform for news and storytelling, with the content of the logo changing in the 4 sections of the newspaper, in oline media such as Facebook.
The replica designer handbags newspaper was completely re-designed with a straight forward grid system, better heirachy and new typefaces, it also gave us an opportunity to reimagine content.
See the newspaper case for more.

Made as part of the creative team at Wolff Olins
with Lisa Smith, Alvin Aronson, Melissa Scott and Jeanette Abbink.
Illustrations by James Kape and Johhny Selman.
Account Managing and Strategy by Jessica Chalifoux, Kate Nielsen and Sam Wilson.
Animation by Friends of Mine.
old_new_logo.jpg 01_USATODAY_LOGO.png 02_USATODAY_Cobrands.png 04_USATODAY_LOGO_Behaviors.png 05_USATODAY_LOGO_Behaviors.png 06_USATODAY_LOGO_Behaviors.png USA_Today_News_Canon-1076.png IMG_4158.jpg
The advertising campaign for USA TODAY focused on visual storytelling and put people at the center of the news – literally – by creating human infographics. The overall brand elements and custom typeface ensures a strong, recognizable brand across the campaign.

TV spots

Art DIrector Lisa Smith
Directors The Wade Brothers
DP Larkin Seiple
Production The Bees And Honey
During the launch of the campaign we did a Station Domination at Grand Central STation in New York.
24_USATODAY_Fast_Company_Ad.jpg 27_USATODAY_Grand_Central_Station.jpg 26_USATODAY_Grand_Central_Station.jpg 30_USATODAY_Grand_Central_Station.jpg 33_USATODAY_Grand_Central_Station.jpg 36_USATODAY_Grand_Central_Station.jpg 34_USATODAY_Grand_Central_Station.jpg 39_USATODAY_Times_Square.jpg 37_USATODAY_Grand_Central_Station.jpg 32_USATODAY_Grand_Central_Station.jpg
To have the brand go through all media; Online, Newsprint, Apps and identity we developed a new version of Futura, called Futura Today.
The typeface was Art Directed by us at Wolff Olins and created by Bold Monday fron the Netherlands. Together with Bold Monday we created 4 weights of Futura Today. The result being a contemporary version of Futura that is far more legible and space efficient, but still holds the same charm and unique characteristics.
USA_Today_Font_Presenatation_08.png USA_Today_Font_Presenatation_09.png USA_Today_Font_Presenatation_10.png USA_Today_Font_Presenatation_12.png USA_Today_Font_Presenatation_30.png USA_Today_Font_Presenatation_11.png USA_Today_Font_Presenatation_24.png USA_Today_Font_Presenatation_26.png USA_Today_Font_Presenatation_28.png USA_Today_Font_Presenatation_34.png