The Danish Defence

Moving Forward
client: the Danish Defense

In 2009 The Danish Deference Committee released its vision of the national and international role of the Danish Defense Force over the next decades.

With an open mind for a radical change from the look of the prior editions of this vision there were room for creativity.
The plan was to make an abstraction from the words vision, globalization, dynamics and future.

This resulted in the dynamic wave wrapped around all of the volumes binding them together.

The volumes came out in two versions, one for all of the top ministers from Denmark, Eu etc. in a hard cover box for protection and keeping, and one wrapped in a vacuum bag, picking up on the artwork of a wave traveling at speed as if being driven forward by a vacuum.

made at Goodmorning Technology
GMTN_fmn_Kommision_oct09_520_01.project2.jpg GMTN_fmn_Kommision_oct09_520_02.jpg GMTN_fmn_Kommision_oct09_520_05.jpg forsvarskomm8.png forsvarskomm2.png GMTN_fmn_Kommision_oct09_520_04.jpg forsvarskomm6.png forsvarskomm5.png

Chairman of the Danish Defense Commission; Hans Hækkerup presenting The Minister of Defence, Søren Gade with the publication.
forsvarskomm4.png forsvarskomm3.png forsvarskomm7.png GMTN_fmn_Kommision_oct09_520_06.jpg