Study Abroad

Student Newspaper
School project

Study Abroad is a newspaper made for young people who would like to study abroad, made by people studying abroad..

The design should embrace the material given to the paper from their volunteer contributors; such as articles of varied length, different from issue to issue, and people's private photos.
In order to manage this kind of content the paper was kept in black, white and yellow.
This secures a steady look throughout the paper.
A complex grid was made in order to be able to manage the different content within strict rules of layout and use of typography.
The look of the new design is serious yet trendy at the same time.
The inspiration came from old classic newspaper-design spiced up with elements from today's magazines.
The editorial content was also taken up and discussed in the progress.
The paper was made more customer-friendly by reinventing and expanding the regular pages, now including; "City of the month", "Story of the month","Dear Diary", entertaining back-page-content including a comic-strip, "Monkey Business" and comic relief articles.
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