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client: Smiley Days

This year was the second year of the Smiley:Days Festivals in danish asylum-camps. The Festival is four days of music, entertainment, workshops and Barbecuing. It's a great and inspiring non-profit initiative which brings just a couple of days of joy to people who really need and deserve it.

I helped out by developing the overall concept for the posters and the identity for the festival.
The focus is not on color, nor culture, it is on diversity and of course, the smile.
The smile is the most internationally recognizable gesture + both the name and theme of the festival. The posters gives room for play and interaction and will hopefully spark a creative atmosphere up to the days of the festival.

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The logo itself is an elegant play on the familiar text-message smiley symbol and as a result of this the logo is recognizable in all typefaces. This makes the daily use of the identity easier and makes it fully integrable written in e-mails, text-messages or in the middle of an article. No matter what typeface is used he name+symbol is intact.
Smileydays_web.jpg logo.jpg website_smiley.jpg smiley_stage.jpg dvd.jpg smiley_stage2.jpg dvd2.jpg smiley_container.jpg smileydays_plakater.png