made by nature
Core77 Runner Up Award 2011

Creative Circle Shortlist 2010
The Dieline's Top Ten Packaging Design
January 2010

Client: Scanwood

Scanwood is Denmark's largets manufacturer of wooden appliances for the kitchen, selling their products in Denmark as well as the rest of Europa and the Middle East.
Sanwood's CEO wanted to change the packaging to communicate the fact that their products are made through an environmentally friendly process and are of course also made from all natural materials.

The story is now visible and understandable across all different markets and languages in a very appealing and friendly way. Giving the consumer an added experience when seeing the package and emphasizing nature by implying that the product almost grows straight out of the ground.

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This is combined with a new identity matching the product and the payoff
Designed in Denmark, made by Nature.

made at Goodmorning Technology
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