Salaam Denmark

Hello everyone!
client: Salaam Denmark

Salaam came to me as they are also the organization behind World Cinema dk. Originally they needed the design for a film festival program, but the project ended up being a complete identity.

Salaam is an integration project which has several ongoing events and projects around Denmark. School-education, film festival, work place lectures etc.
Through movie screenings they attempt to open up dialog in schools, on workplaces and in general about difference in cultures, integration and language.
They combine movies with dialog through high quality fiction and documentary movies from around the world.

The identity/logo focuses on these two elements: movie(screenings) and dialog, combining the shape of a projected film screen and a speech bubble in a characteristic logo shape. Also taking shape from "Salaam", meaning "Hello/how are you".

This creates a very distinct shape that is easy to use and vary in different medias. The shape goes through all the different Salaam projects and creates a strong identity throughout.

made at Goodmorning Technology
salaam_logoer.gif salaam_website.jpg Screen-Shot-2014-03-20-at-6.39.14-PM2.jpg Screen-Shot-2014-03-20-at-6.39.14-PM.jpg salaam3.gif salaam6.png salaam7.png salaam11.png salaam9.png salaam10.png salaam4.gif salaam5.gif salaam2.gif