Roskilde Festival

Stating the obvious
Client: Roskilde Festival

Robert Nagy and I were asked to decorate the world music stage, Astoria, at this years Roskilde Festival - North Europe's biggest music festival.
As Astoria is a mix of different music, from Balkan to Techno and everything in between we did not want to try and interpret the music.
Instead we focused on the mix of people from different countries coming together under one roof. The concept we chose to go with was "stating the obvious" simply saing MUSIC in every possible language, typed in big white letters, on a black background.
The clean graphic universe created a nice contrasting backdrop for the hectic festival scene. And the word play created a nice welcoming visual for every nationality.
At the same time the area was decorated with robotic trees with which we played around with the concept by "writing" names of different wood species in different languages, creating big typographical illustrations.

Thanks to Jens Honnens & Hans Chang for helping out on the project!
roskilde_trees.jpg roskilde_night.jpg roskilde_paint.jpg
To promote the area stickers, badges, bracelets etc. was designed, in correspondence to our stating the obvious-theme the items each saying stickers, badges, bracelets etc.
roskilde_sticker.jpg roskilde_badges.jpg roskilde_badge_girl.jpg
..lets meet before the concert, under the oak-tree!
The entire wall; 200 meters, 8 buckets of paint (7 white, 1 pink), 3 kilometers of tape - three widths, 1 projector, 1 ladder, one scaffold, no sleep..