Morten Bengtsson Photography

Big Identity and Website
Morten Bengtsson is one of the most celebrated advertising photographers in Denmark.
He works out of Copenhagen and New York on big national and International clients.
His identity is just like his clients: BIG.
Adding nothing but his name, and scale, to the equation the identity has impact and yet does not take away from his body of work: the photos.

The website design features a minimal grid showing off his work and the large identity elements automatically hides to give space to the photos to breathe.
bengtsson_stationary_01.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_01.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_02.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_14.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_13.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_03.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_04.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_06.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_12.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_08.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_07.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_11.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_09.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_10.jpg Morten_Bengttson_websitedesign_05.jpg