Empowering job seekers and recruiters globally to Find Better this new identity captures that state of mind instead of focusing on a literal monster. The identity serves as a campaign in an off itself that can use the monster flag at it's boldest and scale down to just use the wordmark at its most minimal.

The purple flag is the only color that is not in use by any country as purple used to be the most expensive color to get as it was only found in hard to find sea snails, thus purple was historically only used in royal flags. This identity reclaims this color in the digital realm where Monster lives.
monster_logo_detail.jpg monster_cover.jpg monster_logo_animation.gif monster_cover_samples.jpg monster_digital.jpg monster_stationery.jpg monster_taxi.jpg monster_outdoor_ad_02.jpg monster_outdoor_ad_01.jpg monster_outdoor_ad_03.jpg monster_logo_detail_detail.jpg