Mikkel Kessler

World Boxing Champ
Client: Mikkel Kessler Management

Mikkel Kessler's management approached me to redesign the identity of World Boxing Champ Mikkel Kessler aka The Viking Warrior. Their old identity with the familiar K with a rough silhouette of Mikkel Kessler inside was hard to use in small sizes. When combined with his full name + his call out name "The Viking Warrior" it became cluttered and a typographical mess.
I redrew the K and simplified the silhouette to pure typography, instead just writing "Kessler" in order to avoid technical difficulties and to make the identity even more bold and in-your-face.
I combined the K, Mikkel Kessler and The Viking warrior with a system of white boxes, designed with inspiration from the white sports tape boxers are so familiar with.
The result is a very living dynamic identity with endless typographical possibilities either using the grid of the white boxes or deliberately breaking it.
lars_ulrich.jpg Euroman_Mikkel-000087.jpg scarfs.jpg kessler_fight.jpg Euroman_Mikkel-000504.jpg animation_2.gif logo_lines.jpg logo_lines2.jpg