Healthy Design
Client: EcoProtein

P is for protein and in Denmark Ø is for Organic (Økologisk)
EcoProtein is Denmark's first organic whey protein powder, developed in corporation with Super middleweight World Champion Mikkel Kessler.

The product is clean and without any artificial flavors, coloring and sugars.
Thus a clean design with no unnecessary elements. The halftone pattern a graphic interpretation of the powder it self, simply changing color with the flavor/content.
The logotype custom made to have the right look and feel with catchy detailing and character.

The brand started out being just whey protein powder. Following up the succes of the first replica handbags product, they expanded the brand familiy to include protein shakes and energy bars, BetterBars – in replica handbags stores now!

Website by Integral
ecoprotein1.png all.jpg choko_jordb_lemon_vinklet.jpg web.jpg bio_bottle.jpg mixchamp.jpg betterbar_logotype.jpg bars_lineup_straight.jpg boxes_straight.jpg boxes_zoom.jpg bunch_of_bars_zoom.jpg bunch_of_bars.jpg ecoprotein3.png