DDC: Se Lyset

Do you see it?
client: Danish Design Center

Danish Design Center launches their major exhibition of 2009.
"See the Light’ is an informative and fascinating exhibition about future lighting design. With an emphasis on sustainability and quality, the exhibition presents the light sources
that are available today and explores what possible light sources the future might bring."
We made the identity, invitations, signage and screen-animations for the exhibition.
The logo is a pun on the title Se lyset, in English See the light, where you can discover the title in the one word.
Further more the logo itself is unreadable without light, as part of the logo in all printed media is printed on the back of the paper.
With light the logo is visible in two shades of black.

In the process we tried to show light in all different kinds of illustrations but it all ended up looking like bad replicas of light it self, or looking like seen-before overlay RGB logos.
Instead the result is a unique and simple identity which fits well with the exhibition and makes room for all the exciting visual impressions of the exhibit.

made at Goodmorning Technology
se_lyset_invite_matches_bag.png se_lyset15.png se_lyset6.png se_lyset14.png se_lyset7.png se_lyset16.png se_lyset9.png se_lyset10.png se_lyset8.png se_lyset11.png se_lyset12.png se_lyset2.png se_lyset17.png se_lyset18.png