Current TV

Let the flag fly

Best of category, Identity & Animation.

Launched in 2005 by former Vice President Al Gore Current TV was a fresh breath amongst American TV networks, with user generated content and documentaries. Despite a strong identity and personality they needed a refresh.
With the addition of popular programming like Vanguard and Keith Olberman - one of Americas most controversial news host - they have the opportunity to take a stand in the glossy world of TV.
This new identity does exactly that, it takes a stand and plants Current TV's bold opinions in the media world with a bold, disruptive and living identity.

Made as part of the design team at Wolff Olins
with Jordan Crane, Todd Simmons & Chris Sherron.

Motion work developed with Graphic Havoc and adapted to "on-air" by Loyal Kaspar.
Current_1.jpg flag_movements.png Current_16.jpg Current_3.jpg Current_15.jpg current_logo_18fps_gif.gif Current_7.jpg Current_12.jpg Current_14.jpg Current_6.jpg Current_5.jpg Current_4.jpg
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