Creative Circle Condoms

Winner and Runner Up
1. proposal: More Sex
Young Creative Circle 2008 SHORTLIST

Client: Sex og Sundhed

1 design briefing, teams of 2 people, 24 hours, maximum 2 proposals.
That's basically the terms of the competition.
The brief was to make an appealing package for three condoms as a give away for danish non-profit organization Sex and Health.
The target group was young people from 15-25 years of age.
Combined with no sleep, Thai food and lots of coffee this was what we made in the 24 hours.

This, our first proposal, is a handy package constructed so it opens from the right to left, revealing a simple humorist statement when you take out a condom.
first condom: "SEX"
second condom "MORE SEX"
last condom "NO MORE SEX"
The statements simply connecting condoms with having sex, and no more condoms meaning no more sex.
The message should come across in eye level with the target group with out being patronizing or judgmental;
sex is fun yet serious,
if you have condoms go have some!

Made together with Robert Nagy.
2. proposal: In Your Pocket
Young Creative Circle Award 2008

This, the second proposal, features a minimal designed pocket-shaped sticker holding a condom.
The design is simple and iconic. The message is clear; don't hide your condoms, show them off!
You can place the sticker/condom on clothes, cars, bathroom walls - where ever YOU like!

Made together with Robert Nagy.
cc_inyourpocket_1.png cc_inyourpocket_2.png cc_inyourpocket_5.png cc_inyourpocket_6.png cc_inyourpocket_7.png cc_inyourpocket_8.png cc_inyourpocket_9.png