Copenhagen Pride

The identity for Copenhagen Pride is (ofcourse) inspired by what is already the icon for pride festivals across the globe; the rainbow flag. Copenhagen's version of the flag is a grid that seamlessly adapts to whatever it is put on and fits messaging in one of the colored bars.

The wordmark is strong yet warm with the tiny accent heart and can be used in full on rainbow coat or in one of the individual colors.

The identity is iconic, flexible and easy to work with for the volunteers implementing it day to day for the festival. And above all it matches the rainbow flags used along with it.

Madsjakobpoulsen_Copenhagen_Pride_logo_heart2.gif MadsJakobPoulsen_CPH_Pride_Posters.gif Madsjakobpoulsen_Copenhagen_Pride_logos.gif MadsJakobPoulsen_CPH_Pride_bottle_design.gif Bus-0520-2015-07-29.gif Shirt-0540-2015-07-30.gif Billboard-0114-1-2015-07-30.gif Poster-0420-2015-07-30.gif Pride_Parade.gif Pride_Flags.gif Pride_train.gif march2.gif Facebook_Pride_train.gif