Copenhagen Parts

Copenhagenized Identity
Client: Copenhagen Parts
iF communication award 2010

Naming and identity for Copenhagen based bicycle accessories brand.

How do you create a small independent bicycle brand for bicycle connoisseurs without being too commercial or too deliberately underground?

The name is of course taken from the name of the origin city Copenhagen and the fact that people talk about Copenhagenizing a city when talking about making a city bike-friendly.

The identity is clean, quirky and red!
The logo referencing to the way people find different parts and puts them together to their perfect bike/companion, graphically done in a way that is unusual and un-commercial as we are actually "destroying" the name. This however catches the eye and makes for a memorable logo.

The brand's first product is the Bikeporter, part handlebar part basket - launch spring 2010.

made at Goodmorning Technology
cphparts_logo.jpg Copenhagen_Parts_lights.jpg Billede-108.jpg Billede-112.jpg Bike-Porter_silver_Top_hang_tag.jpg envelopes_cards.jpg CASE_xmas_letter_businesscard.jpg CASE_zigzag.jpg apple_template_website.jpg BP_white_red-01.jpg