A greener Denmark

COP 15 campaign
Campaign made at the same time as the international climate meeting COP15 in Copenhagen. To create awareness and make a comment about positive change in Denmark, and the rest of the world, in order to restore the world climate I simply changed the color of the danish flag, from red to green.

The visual was used on poster and stickers in the streets of Copenhagen.
And we tryed to convince as many public locations as possible to change their flags for a day or a week during the COP15 summit.

Changing (messing with) the color of a country's national flag is a simple change creating a very powerful visual. The idea can be used in almost any flag in the world.

Feel free to copy/apply the green color in your country for a positive climate change !
Please send me a picture if you do so.

More pics coming..
green_flag.jpg flag_stickers.jpg flag2.jpg VinylCPH-042.jpg flag_mailbox.jpg sticker_light.jpg sticker_shirt.jpg VinylCPH-038.jpg VinylCPH-083.jpg